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Updated: Sep 25, 2018

No matter the size, style or budget, here are some top tips that will work for almost every home interior.

A matter of Size

Oversized art pieces will always make a big statement. I believe everyone should invest in at least a piece of art that you really love. Decide and place it in a key location, this can be above the living room or in the hallway. A big piece of art will not only be the star of the space but will also mean you can minimise the items around it. I also love the fact that it allows you to quickly transform the room with minimum effort. Why not have a go and see?

Going Green

One of my favourite ways to accessorise any room is to add some greenery; add an indoor plant and I love to add one in nearly every room in the house. It will make the room feel fresher and a little larger too. Plants are not only a great way to furnish a space but will also purify the air and bring in nature’s calming effect. Why not try adding an interesting basket or pot?

Less is More

I believe you should only have what is necessary and attractive. Trust me, less of something makes a stronger and more enjoyable statement than overwhelming the senses with too much all at once. It will let items sit comfortably, without competing with other pieces. Remember that bold colours and patterns, though amazing, it will create a better impact when used sparingly. Often the mistake is when lots of both are crammed together in one space. This tip also applies for mixing styles of furniture. Using mostly clean lines and neutral tones will let you add one outstanding piece. What is that item you can do without in your home?

The Odd number

Make a statement by grouping similar objects like vases, bottles or bowls together, so that they become a stronger design element as a whole than they would be individually. One trick is to place three or five candles (always odd numbers) of differing heights in one place. Try it, can you see the difference?

Prints and Pattern

I always advise adding prints or patterns to your lose soft furnishing, items that can be changed easily. You can add pattern with cushions, throws and rugs, which can work together or independently to help you create the mood you want in your home interior design. Don’t be afraid of a patterned wallpaper also but with so many options, where do you start?

Decisions can be overwhelming but I hope you found these simple tips helpful. The OJA Home Interiors provides affordable interior design services in Erith, Belvedere, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Greenwich and surrounding areas in London.


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