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Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Good Interior design is evident when every detail has been considered in context not just in isolation. I have often come across home interiors with some good selections which has been poorly-integrated and as a result it lacks harmony. This can be due to wrong proportions, varied styles, clashing materials or competing colours. If this sounds like you, I have put some guidelines together for creating a more cohesive home Interior design.

Things to do:

Assess Your Size

Assessing the size of your total space is the first step and a guide to how much freedom you have with selections. Are the rooms separate or open plan? What can you see and where from, and how big are they? If it is a small space, you need to be more conservative in your selections to avoid a clash or items competing. If it is a bigger space or you have separate spaces within it, there will be more room for more flexibility in your approach.

Define Your Palette

I would always advise using mostly neutral colours as a base and choosing colours within the same family to keep the harmony. My guide to follow is; 60 percent neutral colour, 30 percent secondary colour, 10 percent accent colour. The accent colour is easier to change and is usually a small investment like cushions, throws and accessories. You can also tie colours together using using art or a rug with all the colour from your palette. I suggesting keeping the palette on phone so you don’t go off track on your next shopping trip!

Unite With Flooring

Always keep the same flooring throughout the main room and Kitchen tiles to match if required. The use of rugs will help to create a slightly different look in the areas you wish.

Know Your Theme

It is not only important to know how you want the space to feel but to maintain this throughout. Themes can include: Mid-centerny moderm, traditional, farmhouse, coastal, contemporary etc. I am referring to a consistent mood, not matchy-matchy items. A simple tip is to have one or two items within your theme in every room. Mixing styles in home Interiors is possible and something I personally love, look out for my post on how to achieve this without raising eyebrows.

Remove The Old

As your season of life or style evolves so should your home Interior. Assess your old items and ask yourself; do you still like it? does it fit with the current you? What are the options to update it? If the answer is No, then let it go!

Focus On Details

Using similar colours, textures and fabrics is one of the many tricks of the trade. These can be a natural woven detail, trim details, door style or hardware to keep the look consistent. Never underestimate the role of small detail in your big picture!

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