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Updated: Oct 7, 2018

First impression matters as buyers will always make judgements when viewing a property. There has been a large increase in developers using interior designers for property staging to stand out from the crowd. The number of home-owners also doing the same is raising. We help home-owners and property developers sell properties with good interior design. Our goal is to help them sell faster and at a better price.

Here are some things we consider:

People - Your Target Market

Make sure that any financial investment in the home refurbishment is in line with your expected return, the renovation is suitable for the location and your target demographic. Some areas are good for families, some appeals to young professionals and others perfect for high-net-worth residents. Who is your typical buyer? How might they live? What do they need? What would stand out to them? With these consideration in mind, we will develop the best interior design for your property.

Upgrade – Refresh Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bathrooms and Kitchens are two areas that often have the biggest impact when securing a better valuation. Upgrade them if budget permits or use a creative and affordable approach. It is possible to reduce fit-out cost, Even with higher specification in Kitchens and Bathrooms. At the OJA Home Interiors, we not only have access to trade discounts but also to the choice of finishes, fittings and better layouts.

Storage – Clear and Create Space

Look for opportunities to add bespoke joinery to maximise the storage space and make the most of unused corners. The unnecessary items must be purged first, then we increase storage where possible to create a calm and an organised house. We will not only create a space that looks cleaner, tidier and more stylish, but will also be easier to manage and encourage the buyer to stay organised.

Neutral - Product not Personal

Selling a potential lifestyle is key, not a personal taste. The buyer must be able to imagine themselves in this new home and not distracted by who they think is currently living there. We will always focus on classic home decor, with high-quality products and finishes.

Lighting - Make the most of Natural Light

Natural light will not only make the space look more comfortable and welcoming but will also complement a wide range of colour schemes. Glass will undoubtedly allow natural light to flood the room, making it look larger, feel brighter and lift the mood of potential buyers when they are viewing the property. We make the most of natural light where possible as this is the most effective form of light in home interior design. When this is challenging, we will use the best artificial light to enhance the space.

Details - Show You Care

Small details will not only show you care but will contribute to the overall aesthetics and how the home feels. To can enhance the interior of any home, we consider selecting stylish light fittings, including plug sockets, door handles etc. Sadly, small touches like these are often overlooked. We aim to add a luxury feel with small details because these will make your property stand out from the crowd.

We believe that your extra investment will make a positive difference not just aesthetically, but financially as well. The OJA Home Interiors believe in selling lifestyle, rather than a property. It is far more appealing talking about the life your potential buyer could live in the home you are providing. Why not contact us to help you to create it.


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